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Maureen Ward - Tenby Town Mayor | Oct 1995

Thank you for your help with my Mayor's Charity, without your help we would have been well down on our estimated target, thanks to your organisational skills, Master Of Ceremonies ability, and a personality that can help you take over in any crisis-thank goodness! You are honest, genuine, and above all, you enjoy what you do. - Maureen Ward, Mayor Of Tenby 1991/92/93/95

Cathy Brooks-Press & PR manager, Guinness Publishing | Oct 1994

Thank you for such a good speech and interview - Cathy Brooks, Press & PR Manager, Guinness Publishing (Reference to the launch celebration party in Canary Wharf, London for the Guinness book Of Records) Thank you for all the help you gave The Guinness Book Of Records in making the BBC's Big Bash event at the N.E.C. such a great success. The whole team very much enjoyed meeting and working with you on the stand and I am sure you will agree the main stage event was a great bonus.
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