Ultimate Guide to the Father & Daughter Dance at Your Wedding

This is your wedding and as such a father and daughter dance is not obligatory or expected and is very much a personal choice, and of course it can depend on your own personal circumstances. However, if it is your choice to ‘have a shuffle’ with your Dad on the dance floor at your wedding, then why not?

The father daughter dance is a special moment for the bride and her dad to share together after the excitement of the day. The father daughter dance comes just after the couple’s first dance. It is a touching and memorable moment between you and your Dad, remembering him as the first special man in your life as you start a new future with your partner. After all, there’s no relationship quite like the one that is shared between a father and his daughter, and I know that from personal experience.

It can be awkward to choose the right father and daughter wedding song as there may be a line in the lyrics that isn’t quite appropriate or relevant to them both. There may be a song that’s not necessarily a classic ‘father daughter’ song, but it may be personal to Dad and his daughter on her wedding day. It could, for example, be a song they used to listen to together when she was young, and it holds personal memories for them both? You want something tender and a song that shows how much you love each other, but nothing that gets a bit awkward halfway through when you realise it’s about an altogether different kind of love, and may therefore be deemed as inappropriate. Some of the father daughter dance songs below are guaranteed to have everyone in tears, but for the right reasons, when the bride takes to the floor with her Dad to share their love with all their guests.

Unlike the traditional first dance song which is advisable to practice in advance with your partner, the father daughter dance can be a little less polished. My advice is to let your Dad lead and just have fun.

You don’t have to go for a slow song. Some of the best father daughter dances I have seen have been choreographed ones that have come as a total surprise to everyone watching. But if you just want to do a simple slower dance, go for it. For me, it’s all about treasuring that special moment with your Dad.

It’s becoming quite common also for the groom to ask his mum to dance during this second song too. If you are both going to be dancing, make sure you both like the song you pick. No matter what, it’s your wedding so do it your way and in any way that you are comfortable and happy with.

Here’s a few song suggestions and ideas some of which I have played over the years, but there are so many out there and it’s all down to what suits you best, or not at all!

Stevie Wonder – ‘Isn’t She Lovely’

T Carter – ‘Daddy’s Angel’

Abby Anderson – ‘Daddy’

Katey Sagal – ‘Daddy’s Girl’

Tim McGraw – ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’

The Drifters – ‘When My Little Girl is Smiling’

Paul Simon – ‘Father and Daughter’

Luther Vandross – ‘Dance with My Father’

The Temptations – ‘My Girl’

Bill Withers – ‘Lean on Me’

Randy Newman – ‘You’ve Got A Friend in Me’

Eric Clapton – ‘Wonderful Tonight’

Kyle Johnson – ‘My Little Girl’

Otis Redding – ‘That’s How Strong My Love is’

Queen – ‘You’re my Best Friend’.

Bette Midler – ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’

Elton John – ‘Can You Feel the Love Tonight’





  • 19 Jan 2021