Wedding Month, Day and Date Considerations and Negotiations

Your wedding can be as expensive as you want to make it, or as economically streamlined as you want to make it, but my advice is to never compromise with the quality of wedding service suppliers. Whilst pricing is an important consideration, it’s not advisable to let your wedding be dominated by budget if you want to create unforgettable happy memories and if you want the best day ever for you as the bride and groom and your wedding guests.

That happy medium can be achieved by looking at a few things and for me, the number one thing is the day and date that you choose to get married. Quite simply put, by default, everyone usually wants a Saturday Wedding and that is understandable. There are only 52 Saturdays in a year, so these are premium and most wedding service suppliers will find it difficult to do a deal for these days. However, these Saturdays are obviously in very different times of the year. Late March to October and December are very popular wedding months and again, it will be hard to find wedding service suppliers who are able to do a price reduction deal on a Saturday in these months. However, and certainly this goes for myself, I will offer a discount with absolutely no compromise on the level of service provided if a wedding is on a Saturday in January, February, early March, or November, which are traditionally quieter months for weddings.

If a wedding is on a Friday, although a popular day, I can still offer a discount to provide the music entertainment for the evening wedding party, but for a wedding on a Sunday to Thursday, considerable discounts can be negotiated with many wedding service providers and again, this is certainly the case for myself personally.

Some brides and grooms that I speak with at Wedding Fairs etc. question a midweek wedding because ‘most of our guests will be working’. My response is always that they should feel honoured to be invited to your wedding and if given plenty of notice of your date, will therefore arrange time off work and even treat it as a mini break. It is your wedding and up to you what you do and when you do it and if you can have the same quality of everything for a fraction of the price of a Saturday wedding for a midweek wedding, then why would you not consider that midweek option? Another option is to consider a Bank Holiday Sunday Wedding. The same discounts should apply and your guests will have the Monday off work anyway. If your guests want to come, they will come and move their lives around to accommodate your special day.

Why can these discounts be offered? Well, speaking for myself and I’m sure similarities can be found with many other wedding service providers, I would rather be out providing Disco Entertainment on a night I am usually otherwise at home watching TV. This gives me an extra working night on top of the usually busy Friday and Saturday and therefore I am happy to offer a decent discount just to give me a bit extra through the week. If you can generate a midweek wedding booking at an otherwise quiet time for a venue, this will give them a good income, not to mention the extra bedrooms sold, bar take etc., but they still have their usual busy weekend trade too. Win win for everyone.


  • 12 Jul 2017