Themed Weddings
I am writing this having been inspired over the years by the efforts and imagination of many brides and grooms who try to come up with something a little different and with interesting twists on the theme for their wedding day. Of course, a theme is not always necessary and indeed some couples feel obliged to come up with a theme because they think it’s  the current ‘done thing’, and they end up having a ‘theme for theme’s sake’. Just remember, it doesn’t matter, all weddings are different and the best way is ‘your way’.
I feel that if a couple are to choose a theme for their wedding day, then it needs to be personal to them, or unique to their wedding location. At this point I need to credit Gemma Mason of ‘Top Class Cars & Weddings’ as I will be using some of her written word, combined with my own in writing this blog, so 'thank you Gemma'. Every bride wants to create a stylish, unique and memorable wedding day and with a little forward planning you can achieve a unique style for your big day. 
It’s always good when choosing a theme to also consider the music at the evening party to continue the theme. However, this should not be just selecting tracks because the song title suits the theme. Remember, the DJ needs to create a big party atmosphere and play the right music to make people want to dance and therefore give you the best night possible, so it’s important to bear this in mind and not let the theme dominate the music requests just for the sake of it. One or two floor-filling selections will work brilliantly and I will make a few suggestions as I write about a few possible themes that can be considered.
I will start with a ‘Seaside Heaven Beach Theme’. We are blessed here in Pembrokeshire with breath-taking coastline scenery and with some amazing and accessible beaches such as Tenby, Saundersfoot, Newgale, Manorbier to name but a few. So, if this is to be your backdrop, why not embrace it as your theme? You could collect and use driftwood, shells and pebbles to enhance your centrepieces, table plan and invitations. You could have deckchairs, an ice cream van, messages in bottles, sticks of rock as wedding favours and even a box of flip flops to ease the pain of tired feet and heels and to enhance the dancing. How far you go is all down to your imagination. With regards to music choices to suit the theme, the obvious ones are any Beach Boys songs, Katy Perry, ‘California Gurls’, Sean Paul – ‘Temperature’, Pitbull – ‘Don’t Stop the Party’ (though this is  not necessarily a beach themed song, it’s a  perfect production to create that summer beach vibe).
A ‘Vintage Love’ theme can be elegant, romantic and pretty. Again, you can be as imaginative and creative as you like. You could use lace, pearls and pretty pastel colours to create a beautiful day with a twist of the past to embrace your guests as they arrive at the reception. You could look at vintage tableware & crockery, & use your imagination to decorate the venue. Music to suit the theme may not necessarily work too well as if we are talking vintage, then we are talking around the 1920’s, 30’s or 40’s and to be honest, most music from this period will not be good to fill a dancefloor or create an atmosphere, so maybe it’s best to go with the theme and leave the DJ to play his set to suit your guests and simply to get the party going. Of course, as well as this, tea and cakes are a ‘must’ as a part of the wedding breakfast fayre.
A ‘Country Glamour’ theme, or ‘farming’ type of theme is very popular with brides and grooms who are involved in this industry and the obvious ‘props’ are a gleaming tractor if possible and milk churns outside the church doorway or at the entrance to the venue will really set things off.. Hedgerow flowers can be used to decorate the church pews and also can be used in hand decorated milk jugs for the table decorations as centre pieces and even for the cake table. Hay and straw bales can be used as seating on a lovely summer’s day, particularly with a marquee wedding in a field. Likewise hessian sacks filled with straw. Other old rustic items like old watering cans, log rounds and wellies all make eye-catching deco rational props to go with the theme. Music-wise, well obviously Rednex – ‘Cotton Eye Joe’ is a good starter, The Wurzels – ‘Combine Harvester’. Or ‘I Am a Cider drinker’, are great fun with the right audience, Steps – 5,6,7,8, Dolly Parton ‘9 to 5 are all good cheesey party floor-fillers to suit the theme and to be honest, the list can go on and on, but keep it to just a few and again, let the skill and expertise of the DJ be the guiding drive of the night party.
A simple ‘Splash of colour’ theme is really simple and generates lots of ideas from the bridesmaids dresses and the groomsmen cravats, to the chair covers, car ribbons, invitations, favours and table centrepieces. Again, where you go is down to your own imagination and, dare I say, budget too!!

  • 28 Apr 2016