Don't let Price be Your Only Consideration. How Much is the Job of a DJ for a Wedding or Family Event Valued & Understood?

I receive many messages via my website and Facebook etc. regarding my Mobile Disco Service. Many, regretfully are simply blunt and unfamiliar in a kind of ‘send to all tone’ as follows: ‘Hi, How much for a Disco’? No ‘please’ or no asking for more information about the services that you offer, or the quality of your equipment, or your experience, or if you have any references, or how you can use your skill and experience as a DJ to give them the best night possible? Or, what can you offer that others can't? No, it’s just ‘how much’ and it’s clearly a message that has been sent to many other DJ’s with a view, I guess, to booking the cheapest, which is probably the first question we all ask and on the face of it, fair enough, but the point of this blog is that one would expect many more questions due to the importance of the event, in many cases, a wedding. 

It could be argued that maybe they have already researched me and are just asking a price? A fair assumption but usually if that's the case, then the introduction is more familiar, or I receive a phone call. Nothing else seems to matter to the person making the enquiry, judging by this introduction. But does it?

So many people seem to look at price and do not consider what they are getting for their money. It seems that many undervalue the job a good DJ will do for them and how much he can make or break their wedding or whatever. They do not seem to consider the job that a good quality experienced and professional DJ with excellent music and knowledge, sound and lighting (expensive to purchase and keep updated, but all a part of wanting to give the bride and groom and their guests the best musical experience possible) will do for their wedding. Yet, with respect, they will think nothing of spending a vast amount of their budget on photobooths, light up letters, chocolate fountains, sparkly dancefloors etc. which will not make or break their wedding or party. Whilst these are lovely additions, are these more important considerations than the DJ that you engage? A good DJ will have your guests talking about and enthusing over your wedding for many months to come, but an inferior unprofessional DJ can and will wreck your night. Subjective opinions perhaps, but certainly something to think about. A good Mobile DJ company/operator will be just that, usually a one-person operator, maybe with an assistant or roadie if they are lucky and they will not want to multi task by, for example, also doing photos, provide a sparkly dancefloor, photobooth and light up letters package. They will be a master of one and not a jack of all!!

My response to a message or email could be along the following lines. You are asking me for a price and I guess that you are also messaging other DJ’s for prices and that’s great and sensible. We all want to know the price, but what exactly does that price entail?  Can I respectfully recommend that you do not make price your only remit? Whilst I understand and appreciate that pricing and budgeting is a huge consideration when engaging any wedding service provider, DJ, or indeed anything, is the price your only and main concern? There is a lot to consider when booking a DJ for a Wedding Party, Family Event, Children’s Party, Corporate Event or whatever. Those considerations should include experience, reliability, professionalism, personal recommendations, verified reviews (many DJ’s falsify reviews by asking family members or friends to post reviews saying how amazing they were) the quality of their music sound & lighting equipment etc. Not to mention Public Liability Insurance and P.A.T. tested equipment which many hotels now insist on before allowing a DJ to play in their venue.

Many DJ’s do not have their own website and rely on a free Facebook page, and there’s nothing wrong with this. I also have one too, but it could be argued that an entertainment business that doesn’t have its own website may not be as professional and reliable as a business that is serious enough about the service he or she provides to invest in and develop his or her bespoke website. It could be a sign that they are playing at the game and doing a bit of DJ’ing in their spare time to earn a bit of extra cash. This then brings up the question of how good is this DJ? Will his skill, experience and professionalism give me and my guests the best night possible?

He may be cheap but there is probably a good reason for this. If price is your only concern, then no problem. However, consider this question, will he ruin my wedding party because of his inexperience or lack of investment in his equipment, or failure to know his music and how to programme it to give everyone a brilliant party experience? The other question that could be asked of him is how much does he personally value the DJ entertainment service that he offers and his confidence to go out there and really give this bride & groom and their guests the best night possible?

I do not consider myself expensive by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, I believe that the services that I provide for a wedding or any event or function are worth more than twice of what I actually charge. I think that we can all agree that in life, we do get what we pay for and going for the cheapest can and usually is, false economy and fraught with disaster.

Using a car analogy, a battered old Skoda will get you from A to B as will a top of the range Mercedes. They will both do the job, but how good is the ride, how reliable is that vehicle, how comfy is it, will it get you there without breaking down, will you regret not investing in a better car as a breakdown has now caused you to be late or not get there at all? A DJ can be the same. Will he just stand there and press ‘play’, using dodgy old equipment, will he turn up on time or at all, will he let you down last minute because he has had another booking worth more money? That’s another story!!



  • 29 Aug 2018