Review of the ADJ Stinger II Lighting Effect
Having been looking for a neat compact and unique lighting effect for my own Disco Lightshow and also as an impressive lighting effect to hire out, I came across the ADJ Stinger. However, having been made aware of the Stinger 2, I decided to hold out. The main reason, which is the main difference between the 2 lights, is the fact that the Stinger 1 had a strobe effect and this has been replaced by a UV LED wash effect, which suited me better based on personal preference.
Basically, this neat compact unit has a nice combination of 3 effects in one with the aforementioned UV wash, a nice red green scatter laser effect which produces dancing dots, stars and various patterns and LED multi-coloured, red, green, blue, amber and white moonflower effects which all combine to produce nice patterns in various forms from any 1 of the 7 Factory set ‘Show modes’. Being honest, these work perfectly and although the Stinger 2 is designed to be DMX controlled, I prefer to use the in-built Show programmes which I would say are  perfect for 90% of the UK’s Mobile DJ’s for Weddings, Parties, Corporate Events, Children’s Parties, Family Functions etc.
It’s a simple Plug & Play unit that ticks all the boxes and looks very professional and is definitely not a Tandy-style tacky lighting effect, despite the fair price tag. I would also say that as well as for the Mobile DJ, the Stinger 2 is ideal for bands, solo artistes, and any venue that just wants to create a bit of atmosphere with a lighting effect that does the lot without any programming or controller requirements. 
However, if you are preferring to DMX this up to a controller, then it also has the scope to provide a selection of 15 pre-set colours to allow you to match them to any themes that may be required for a specific wedding party or family or corporate event. This unit has the programming versatility to suit most of these types of event and it’s up to the individual DJ or band how they choose to use this effect. Versatility is certainly the key word for the ADJ Stinger 2 as it can be stand-alone, sound activated and DMX Controlled.
The built-in programmes give me the option to create many varied lightshows that utilise all the 3 units of Laser, UV and LED moonflower multi-coloured beams. All in all, a very good purchase and enhancement to give my Disco Lightshow a bit of variety as I like to change things around every now and again.

  • 18 Aug 2016