Review of Ragsy's Album - 'Ouch'
Review of Ragsy’s Album – ‘Ouch!!!’, released March 2015
Having worked with Ragsy several times in the past year, I was inspired by his performance and his music, as well as the imminent release of his new single, ‘Morning Sun’ featuring Sian Evans who, incidentally was the vocalist on the dance anthem by Kosheen – ‘Hide U’ as well as being the vocalist on the recent DJ Fresh hit, ‘Louder’. With this pedigree of a featured vocalist and the thought of the sound these 2 could make, I just had to delve deeper and  want to know more about the talent that is Ragsy, so where better to look than his superb debut album ‘Ouch!!!’?
It is clear that Ragsy is a talented singer songwriter, proud of his roots and proud to be this entertainer who hasn’t sold out and won’t be told to do things this or that way. The only way is the Ragsy way and this is why the album is so good. The first track, ‘Control’ sets the tone for the whole album and from the first guitar strum and the opening tones of Ragsy’s larynx, you immediately get a feel of what this album is all about.
The songs are instantly catchy and likeable with great hooks and after a few listens it’s like the album has been around for years rather than a few months. All the tracks have superb lyrics and this album really is a perfect easy listening recording for any mood or occasion. 
Having worked with Ragsy in Tenby, Pembrokeshire, whilst DJ’ing,  I have been impressed with his laid back style, down to earth banter with his audience and the quality of his rich vocal tones. ‘Ouch’ is full of potential hit singles as every track has great melodies, it’s simple, yet very catchy and easy on the ear, even on the first listen. The aforementioned single ‘Morning Sun’ due for release on 11th September is a brilliant first single release from this outstanding piece of work. Obviously the single is different from the album version thanks to the featured vocalist Sian Evans, but this really is a brilliant song and ticks all the boxes for imminent radio airplay across the nation. 
Ragsy is a talent as a singer/songwriter and he has clearly developed his stage craft from years of gigging, doing it the right way and seemingly building his career on solid foundations rather than quicksand and if ‘Ouch’ is anything to go by, these solid foundations could see Ragsy reach skyscraper proportions.
Steve Briers
@DJBriers  Facebook: Steve Briers Disco Roadshow
  • 11 Sep 2015