LED Uplighting to Create the Perfect Mood & Atmosphere for Your Wedding Party or Function  at any Venue.

In addition to my Mobile Disco Entertainment, I would like to announce a new service that I am offering for any Wedding Party, Family Function, Birthday Party, Corporate Event or indeed if you just want that something special to enhance your venue for a special occasion. Having been asked so many times by venues, brides & grooms etc. if I ‘do uplighting’, I have decided to ‘take the plunge’ and I recently purchased compact ADJ Element Hex  LED Mood Lighting units to provide as an additional service to add a splash of colour and to create a stunning ambience to enhance your special occasion. These units are smart compact unobtrusive units that perform this amazing array of colours. No cables, simply wonderful, neat and tidy in every way!

I have used uplighters for a while, non WiFly (Wifi) with mains power cables and DMX connecting cables to ‘synchronise the lights together’, but they are so prohibitive in so many venues that have an abundance of entrance access doorways etc. making cabled uplighters virtually impossible to use without spending hours running cabling everywhere and taping it down to make it safe and neat and tidy and it still didn’t look perfect as the cables can’t be hidden. So, I have gone for individual self-contained rechargeable battery units with built in Wifi so that I can control them from behind the decks.

I also have a dedicated WiFly (Wifi) controller, the ADJ Element Hexcon DMX Controller to create lovely colour mixes and fades at the touch of a button, I can also produce a dedicated colour to match the colour scheme of your wedding, birthday party, event or function. Colours such as Red, Green, Blue, White, Amber, UV, Orange, Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, Purple, Indigo, Peach, Sunflower, Salmon, Lavender, Light Blue, Pink, Lime, Turquoise, Violet, Rose, Lilac, Lily, Warm White, Cool White, UV Red, UV Green, UV Blue, UV Amber are all instantly available and should you require a colour to be changed at any time through the night, it only takes a few seconds. 

I can also mix any combination of the prime Red, Green, Blue, White, Amber & UV colours to create the perfect choice to suit your wedding colour theme. This can even be done on the night & you can even mix the colours yourself using my dedicated controller to create your ideal blend. It takes seconds, though your decision may take longer!

The lights can be pre-set to stay static as one colour, say, pink or blue to give the most elegant, yet dramatic effect. Then when the party gets going and that dance floor is bouncing, they can then be set to chase producing multiples of colours as the beats pick up during your wedding party.

Any venue, large or small will be transformed by my elegant wireless and cable-less LED uplighting. They can make a plain wall or ceiling look amazing. My LED mood lighting will create the perfect mood and atmosphere for your Wedding! I can cover the whole room, or just the dance floor area if you would prefer, though because my Disco Light Show will enhance this area, then I would recommend to uplight the peripheral areas of the venue, but it’s your choice and obviously dependent on the shape and style of the room. Either way, they can be positioned anywhere with no restrictions.

Marquees are an ideal setting for my LED uplighting, where you can replace standard white halogen lighting which is normally provided with a marquee, with the rich, vibrant colours produced by LED uplighters. The marquee will still obviously need lighting installed for the end of the night when the staff are clearing away and the guests are departing.

The mood and atmosphere of any venue will be transformed by uplighting and absolutely any venue, hotel, restaurant, function room, marquee etc. will look stunning. The best effects are created if the venue lights are all turned off so that you can enjoy the dynamic lighting effects from my Disco Light Show and the stunning ambience that LED uplighters create. Or, at least, as always,  have it as dark as possible, but even with essential lights like from the bar area, peripheral LED 'fairy lights' in the venue or wall lights, or light filtering through from elsewhere etc., the effects are still very dramatic as your wedding venue is swathed in pink, blue, salmon, or whatever colour you choose. They really can turn a stunning venue into an amazing venue.

My LED Uplighting Units use ‘modern LED technology’ for perfect RGBWA & UV (Red, Green, Blue, White, Amber & UV) colour mixing, meaning you always see a pure colour and not a mix-match of Red, Green and Blue, that may be produced by lesser quality models. Being LED, my lights don’t get hot and they consume no power (apart from the controller which is mains operated), which makes them an ideal and affordable option to enhance any event.


  • 07 May 2018