KAM Text Beam 300 Laser Review
I recently purchased the KAM Text Beam 300 Custom Text Projection Laser System as this is an effect that I have been wanting to achieve for my show for a long time, giving me the tools to personalise a bespoke message for the bride and groom at their wedding party, or for children’s parties, or indeed any event both corporate or family.
The package arrived with the laser itself, a keyboard and remote control and an extension USB lead to enable the keyboard to be connected when the laser itself is up on the lighting rig, so live changes to text can be made. The remote can then be used to change pre-programmed text and images, However, I have not had much success with connecting the keyboard to the laser via the extension lead so I have just pre-programmed the laser with, say for example, ‘Congratulations Mr and Mrs James, then the wedding date’ before I set up my equipment, then just let this run all night as a colourful rolling scroll effect as per my video on YouTube under the search of ‘KAM text beam 300 Laser’, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=313-ij_pKOw
I personally have quite a comprehensive laser show for my Disco Roadshow, so this addition for me is purely for the text facility, which is exactly what I wanted to enhance my show. However, this laser also does  themed pre-programmed effects like New Year, Birthday, Halloween and animation shapes, so it is very multi-purpose and comprehensive, but like I said, for me, the text facility is ‘job done’ and works brilliantly. Looking at the photo that accompanies this blog, please bear in mind that this is a scrolling text and therefore does not display the whole message as one. However, you can therefore programme it to display long sentences if required.
The KAM Text Beam 300 is superb for projecting personalised messages onto any wall or ceiling as a scrolling graphic in colourful Red, Green and Blue, plus many colour washes using a mix of these colours. The use of smoke or haze enhances the effect as it picks up all the tunnels and beams from the laser projections
Having used this new effect for many varied functions including weddings, children’s parties and a corporate event, I am very satisfied with the pleasure that my clients get from seeing their personal message projected for all to see in a stunning array of colours and this simply enhances the atmosphere for the wedding or function., This is a fantastic new innovation for wedding parties and initial reactions from brides and grooms has gone way beyond my expectations. They think it’s amazing. Kids love to see their name in lights at their birthday party and this really is an effect that has enhanced my show and certainly got people talking, which, of course, is all good for business as well as personal pride in the service that I provide.

Steve Briers / @DJBriers / Facebook-Steve Briers Disco Roadshow
  • 19 Aug 2015