What attributes make a good DJ for your wedding party or function?

So, what’s it all about? What makes a good DJ for your wedding party or function? Is it perhaps the 'DJ' and his set-up in the picture I have used to illustrate this blog? This is what you might get if you do not do your research properly when engaging a DJ for your wedding party. Well, before I talk about the DJ, what about the ‘package’? Is it all about the DJ and his skills or is it about his equipment, his PA system and his lights, or what else he may offer? Everyone will have opinions on this based on their viewpoint. For example, some DJ’s may base this viewpoint on their own personal skills as a DJ, or a bride and groom looking to book a DJ for their wedding may base their viewpoint on what they want for their wedding.

A good clear and crisp PA (sound) system is obviously a ‘must’ because if the sound is distorted, too tinny or overloaded with bass and not much in-between, then no matter how good a DJ is, this won’t come across and will be offensive on the ears and therefore uncomfortable for the wedding guests meaning no enjoyment, thus resulting in a disaster of a night and too late to rectify.

With regards to a light show, the reality is that although it’s important to have a good show to help enhance the atmosphere and a lot of this will also come down to the personal pride of the DJ, certainly so in my case, it is not the number 1 priority when looking to engage a DJ. It is obviously a major consideration, along with the awareness of the space that may be allocated to the DJ in the venue. The point I am making is that without lights, a DJ can still perform and make a wedding party a memorable occasion, but without a decent PA or a decent DJ, then the night will inevitably fall flat.

Most DJ’s work as professional DJ’s and will not compromise the service that they offer, although some will offer ‘add-on’ services like evening photographs or video. The prospective client, bride and groom in this case, should be mindful of booking a DJ for the job that he does as a DJ and for how he plays and uses his music to entertain your wedding guests and not for what else he may offer.  This point can also be allied to the aforementioned light show and the overall appearance of his set-up. 

Whilst I have emphasised the importance of a light show, some Wedding or party DJ’s can give more priority to what kit they have got, how much these lights cost etc. and be looking to push this side of it. However, this again cannot compensate for the experience and musical knowledge of a professional DJ.  It’s all food for thought for prospective brides and grooms to consider for their wedding party and just goes to show that when engaging any wedding DJ or indeed any wedding service provider, it’s always prudent to consider everything on offer and look into what may be best for your wedding and certainly research everything because word of mouth is the best and most  reliable and honest form of reference for everybody.

A good DJ will always connect with his audience at your wedding party throughout the night and have the skill and experience to play the right music for the right crowd at the right time taking into account the variety of musical tastes in the same room. He also needs to have a good knowledge of current chart & dance music trends to programme in with all the classics from previous decades. A lot of so called ‘ DJ's’ cannot do this! After all, anyone can stand there and press play. Anyone can buy kit, download some music, call themselves a 'DJ', and practice their craft at the expense of your wedding or function, but they will not necessarily do the job professionally or properly. Many ‘DJ’s’ may have the music but do not know how to programme it or use it to suit a given audience, wedding or function, so there are many aspects to consider before a bride and groom actually decide on what DJ they would like to book. In a nutshell though, the best and only package to look for ideally needs all three aspects, a top quality sound & light show, as well as a DJ who knows his music inside out and is experienced and good enough to do your wedding justice and give your guests a night to remember to round off a perfect day. Would you book the 'DJ' in the picture above? He may know his music, but is he taking pride in the job he is doing? Therefore, DJ, Music Sound and Lights are the 4 fundamental considerations for the perfect end to your evening's entertainment.

On a personal level it is important that you, the bride and groom build up an open rapport with the DJ and know that he fully understands what you require for your wedding to give you the best night possible. You may even book him up to 2 years in advance, so it’s important that you have the certainty of knowing that he will respond promptly and efficiently to any queries or requests etc.in the ensuing months before the big day.

My personal philosophy as a DJ is to “recognise that no two weddings are the same, and always strive to treat every wedding or function like it’s my first, don’t get complacent, stay current, professional and reliable and always take pride in whatever I do”.

  • 19 Jul 2015